You're More Than A Number

It's amazing how moments and days,
Pass away,
Like a light dwindling in front of a fire,
Forever lost in another's light.

Or shadow,
What does it matter?
We are all just little specs in this great universe,
Looking for meaning,
Yeah we seem to be rewinding the tape that we have made so far.

As a child I ran and played games,
Family and friends were the only escape,
I sat down and I read or wrote,
Always trying to find what would be my famous quote someday.

But it all stopped,
The generations decide that they would like to hide away and complain behind their little machines with the little words from their little brains that they care to use the least amount of energy from,
Because they have become unsocial,
But they don't want to realize this mistake so that's why they don't think too much,
Don't make too much of themselves,
Because otherwise they look dumb being different from everyone else,

Go look up a how to,
Make use of what access you have,
Then go have fun crafting or running or hiking or being in the sand,
Be outside,
Take in joy,
Realize there is hope for this world.

Hope in the day,
Hope in the future,
That hopefully our future is brighter than the fire that stands in our way.


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