You're the Color Yellow

You're the color yellow.

It's the color of the sun.

The warmth I felt when with you.

It's the color of food.

Oh, how we loved food.

I never questioned why you didn't eat.

You starved yourself for us.

It's the color of summer.

The breeze that blew into the car.

As we were going 60 down the deserted road.

To see something new.

Oh, how you loved the new things.

You wanted to see the stars,

the mountains and valleys,

the snow and the rain.

It's the smell of vanilla.

Your favorite perfume you used before work.

Even though it was cheap, you weren’t.

You were priceless.

It's the color of books.

How you would always take us to the library.

Where my love of learning started.

It's the color of the ducks you loved so much.

You had so much plushies that it was a problem.

Not for me though.

I loved every single one of them.



I'm so sorry.

I wish I were there.

I wish I had told you how much I loved you.

I wish I had called you.

I wish I had visited you.

Now you’re gone and all I have are these memories.

My world is no longer yellow.

It's a dark, dark world,

filled with an overwhelming blackness.

I'm being drowned in the sea of loss.

The guilt anchors me down,

under the rouge waves.




into the abyss of grief.


Now it's been two years.

The pain is less.

The restless nights are less.

The tears are less.

The guilt is less.

But what will never be less is you.

Because yellow is everywhere.

It's in the early, sunny mornings.

The sun warming my face.

It's in the smiles I see.

Even though they’re all different,

It’s you I see in them.

And it's in the books I read.

The countless stories I’ve read,

Reminding me of when I read to you

You're the color yellow.


This poem is about: 
My family


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