You're Beautiful

Jumping for joy, spinning circles in the air;
flying so high, I may never come back around.
I’ve got the giddy laughter,
now I’m going and playing with my hair,
my cheeks burn hot with blush;
I no longer can deny it, this brilliant display.

My heart well now it’s skipping,
going much faster than the average beat;
my palms gradually get all sweaty,
have never been quite as nervous.

I fluff my hair in the mirror
check my reflect for the hundredth time;
I never realized how much I truly cared.
Twirling around and around,
is truly the only fun of wearing a dress.

As I make my way down the stairs
I know that all of it was worth it
to see you smile and say
“You’re beautiful.”



The dynamic, motion-filled imagery used throughout this poem strongly conveys a sense of happiness and euphoria--I particularly like "Twirling around and around/ is truly the only fun of wearing a dress," as one can very easily picture the motion and the joy it conveys. I enjoyed reading it!

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