You're all grown up

Come all who wish to hear

The story of a girl who once lived in fear

A girl who was once afraid to grow up

So, come around and get cozy, you must

For this is a story of a young girl

Who used to be afraid but now shines like a pearl


She grew up moving around site to site

He life was up in the air, like a helicopter in flight

But she took it like a pro, keeping a level head

The ocean of her life was not hard to tread

Then her parents divorced and the life drained

No longer filled with the same joy she once sustained


Years came and went and she was still blue

But they say time heals all wounds, and this is true

Because slowly but surely her sadness faded

She learned to forgive her parents, now she no longer feels jaded

The demons that once ran rampant in her mind and life were defeated

the emotions that were once thought to be lost, proved themselves elite


Now all those here, we are nearing the end of our story

I hope I haven’t bored ye

But our damsel in distress needed not a knight

But rather needed to just keep hope in sight

She found peace and defeated all her demons

And now, once more, joy and hope fills her like a beacon


We are now at the end.

Have you learned the moral of this story?

All wounds emotional and physical can mend

Nothing is permeant, nothing damaged beyond repair

Our damsel in despair has grown up and her wounds healed

She no longer lives feeling fake happiness, now it’s real


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