Your Middle Name


you ask me what

i’m thinking about

you didn’t ask when

i was with you

if you did i would ask

how about you?

well i’m nowhere right now


and i’m thinking about how to describe

the curly sidewalk from

your bottom lip to your chin

i would prescribe Marvin Gaye and grin

at 3 a.m. because we hate our kin

i vibe with you

how about you?


i’m thinking about you

like nails think about painting

and millenials think about abbreviating

and aliens think about aducting

and animals think about adapting


i’m thinking about you

like keys think about locks

and paper thinks about pencils

and hippies groove around peace

and plants think about photo…



i’m thinking about you

like hands think about mittens

and mom cats think about their kittens

and Hitler thinks about…


i’m thinking about you

like letters think about words

and letters think about your address

and i’m thinking about you

in a dress

let’s think about addressing…


i’m thinking about you

like a fat kid thinks about cake

and boys think about cake

sweetie thinking about you

is a piece of cake

let’s make something sweet

and eat our tiers away


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