Your Kindom


When I was young,

I had all sorts of freedom;

To roam about as I pleased,

I could even eat Edam.

Now school has come around,

And that freedom is gone;

No windows, just homework, and learning of

The Amazon.


I wish you would understand

The pain that this causes.

The days that you ruin

With your boring lecture pauses.


It’s like you don’t seem to think

That we kids have life to live,

We show up to your class,

With little attention to give.


One day you'll see

that all that we want

Is a chance to go back

And pretend that we fought

Pirates and lions

And even monsters too;

Picking our favorites,


And not wearing shoes.


We sit in your class,

All nonchalant,

Yet you stare right back at us;

Such a savant.


I wish we had some class outside,

I wish you would give us more than one option,

I wish you would make class into something

Interesting without caution.

I wish you were more interactive,

I wish you gave us more freedom

But I know that we all must abide to the rules of your kingdom.


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