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Your image is You, this is how God made you, He made you His Child, Whether in good condition or not, you're still you; Your image shows personality, it shows what you have as a human being, who cares if people make fun of you, that's who you are, no matter what other people say, you are your own shining star, Nobody's perfect, but that's you; Your image, shows your own actions, whether good or bad attractions or awesome and sad connections, your image contains different values, everyone's different in their own way, but what can you say? Your image is special, you might think you're ugly or cute, but who cares, thats you; Love yourself, for who you are, don't discourage yourself, be confident; Just stare in the mirror and say, ''I look magnificent'', with what you have, whether good or bad; Your image is creation, the Lord created you like that, He wants you to know that you're special, He wants you to do your part: Open your heart and let confidence in, trust me, it can be hard to begin but you have to try; if you need to, just let it out and cry, no one can judge you, stay confident; but it might be hard to believe that it's true!



Whoaa the way you describe is a lot of emotions and your words are very powerful .This poem makes me be happy to be myself and just love my whole self and be who i want to be . Because in god's eyes i was meant to be this . You are and excellent writer i would love to hear more of you poetry.Your message inspire me to love myself because GOD always loves me.

Check out my poetry and hopefully it inspires you just like your words did for me 

keep up the good work


Aww thank you so much ! I write to inspire and realizing that I inspired someone , makes me happy ! Thank you for the support !


You are welcome 

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