Your flaws are flawless.

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 22:39 -- aknight

From the split ends in your hair

and the gap between your teeth

to your unsightly wide hips

and your brown skinned, dark hair, pore covered legs.

You are flawless through every snapped, viewed, and deleted photograph of yourself.

You are flawless through every bashful glance cast into a mirror. 

You are flawless through every closely done self scrutinization.

You are flawless because of your development, your growing.

A once chubby, shy girl who felt the world dealt her a sour hand of cards-- that was you.

The girl who cried and hated herself and would not allow herself any joy -- also you.

Looking back now, it seems like a distant memory, being afraid of everything and hating yourself. 

Full of flaws and regret and contempt.

Loving yourself was an unheard of concept.

Loving yourself was the most difficult thing to do.

Loving yourself was the best thing you could ever do.

Loving yourself permitted you to accept your once seen flaws and embrace them.

Loving yourself made your flaws flawless.

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Aarna Dixit

Hello! I am participating in a poetry recitation competition. And I absolutely love your poem. I was wondering if I could recite it. I will give credits to you as the author.

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