Your Face


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United States
33° 45' 12.8448" N, 118° 4' 58.818" W

Last night I saw your face in my dream

Woke up thinking about what it could mean

Together at last / You and me

Too good to be true was what it seemed


What it felt was exactly that

A troubled soul with a troubled past  

A troubled heart in need of help

 Not knowing the trouble was all it felt  


A troubled mind trapped in rejection

Lost in memories of false affection

Shrouded by a cloud of Immaculate Conception  

Acting on feelings of inaccurate perception


Feelings that should have never been

Feelings that came in a feathered wind  

Feelings you know you should let go

But head over heels you're falling in  


Love / Deep love

Where to begin

The kind of love that has no end  

Does it truly exist / Tell me my friend  

Or is it merely camouflaged infatuation  


No / No it's true they say

Love is absolute in every way  

Well until I feel a love so strong

I'll know that these feelings I feel are wrong  


Cause you do not feel exactly as I

But I'd be lying if I said I did not wish to try  

I know once ago you felt the same for me  

But you and I were just not meant to be  


In this I found the true meaning  

Of why I saw your face when I was dreaming  



Today I saw your face in the clouds  

I tilted my head as I inquired how  

How could someone I know so well  

Purposely put me through a world of hell  


Will it ever end  

Only time will tell  

But rather than later  

I wish to dispel  


The hurt and pain that I must endure  

I'll never be the same / This I ensure  

Because you changed me  

Within and without  

My soul has been tarnished  

Engulfed in doubt  


Of ever feeling love again  

My trust returns in dividends  

Too bad for the man who is to come next  

I'll treat him as if he is only a test  


1 plus 1 is 2 / 2 plus 2 is 4  

It's all because of you  

That I can't revisit before  


A new life / I will try to start  

The life I knew / I will try to part  

I will admit / It will be hard

Cause I now have walls around my heart  


To protect it from breaking a second time  

But the endless aching will forever be mine  

Love is patient / Love is kind  

Love is blind / Love is a lie  


With all my tilted inquiring how  

This is why I saw your face in the clouds


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