your everything

time is up

like a candle blown out 

the light leaves their eyes 

and tears run down your face

as you realize you hadn't even noticed the light 

why hadn't you noticed it?....

had it always been there?

was it just a trick? a reflection of the sky?

no. in your heart you know that it's not 

it had always been there 

even when the scars were more than scars 

when blood bathed their skin 

when they would laugh

and when they would cry

because you had been with them the entire time 

they laughed at your jokes

and cried on your shoulder

now it's your turn to ry 

no, not just cry 

but to scream and sob until there is nothing left 

because they were your everything 

and now you know what that meant

they literly were everything 

you can see them in the trees

the air

the laughter 

the buildings 

the lakes 

in everything 

because they had been your everything 

your everything 



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