Your Boyfriend Is Crazy

I can't believe what I just saw,
A nigga hit you up as I'm scrolling through your wall.
No, there has to be a good explanation
Our relationship ain't built for no degradation
Does he know that I'll crash into his car and put bullet holes through it for decoration?
And have my niggas bury his body as a celebration!

Damn ...

Does he even know that we're dating?
I post her up she post me up, we together, it's not up for debating.
Does he even know about me and where I be?
Well I'm gonna run up then and we gon see!

Fuck! I'm tired of these niggas...

I put my gun in the trunk.
The trunk that has seen it all,
With its own eyes it has seen all my faults.
I clap that thing back and the sound rippled through,
Getting ready, no exposure, had to smuggle it, real smooth.
Kicked that glass door in and shattered it with my foot.
Three deep in this building bout to have a nigga shook.
Tip toeing up these stairs as our footsteps all echoing,
Nigga don't even know what we got, as we keep peddling cause we're meddling incorporating mysteriously to settle it once again .
Did a number on that door knob without breaking a sweat
Temp on 85, face mask, all black still not breaking a sweat.
Saw him in the living room, calmly he gets up, Are we really posing a threat ?

Just like that ...

The idea gets me upset, has his hands up, is he mocking me? You the dog and I'm the vet!
You think your bark is louder and your bite is mighty I bet
Well my gun is silent and my bullets will go straight through ya head.
Hope you got pleasure talking to my world, my girl,
how about you converse with death instead...

Blaow ! ....

I walk through the back door, touched down on my kitchen floor, thinking I was safe and sound,
Till my girl stood and looked me up and down.
Wondering where I been.
Then I asked who he was, and she said..
"He's just a childhood friend"

Shit, I damn near lost it....

I froze and my common sense just booked,
I grabbed my gun from behind me and whipped it out with a vicious hook.
She stepped back and I saw her body start to shake.
I didn't know what to do and all I could say was "Baby wait..."

Hol on Hol on, look at me baby look at me...

I'm sorry I'm really sorry, babe just look me in my eyes.
I'm your boyfriend, I love you but do you think this is a surprise?
Baby I got problems, I been selling dope to survive, and getting by on my own since the age of 9,
Saw shit so bad that I wished at the time I was blind.

Yeah, I got problems....

Narcotics in my house, was they here for me or my pops,
No money, no food, he was badly hooked on them rocks.
He pledge to live by that pipe,
Nodding off passed out cause of that pipe,
Beat me unconscious all because of that pipe.
Until them chilly cuffs took him away over that pipe.

Girl you just don't know....

Sitting in a police car ain't no joke,
When you can't move your arms that shit will keep you woke.
They judge you and don't care about the story untold,
Just throw him in the cell and let his punishment unfold I suppose.
When the judge sit on their thrown next to the stand.
To the system I already got one strike against me cause I'm a black man.
Charged with drug possession and aggravated assault,
And without batting an eye, gave me 7 years as a result, tell the world goodbye.
Oh shit I'm going down who's gonna be my savior?
Told me I can get out in 5 if I'm on my best behavior.
I went from Chillin with gang sipping on lean,
To fucking locked up at the age of 19!

Girl, look at me, pretty look at me!

I was chillin at a local bar
Had a thought, I killed the nigga, I didn't know I'll get that far.
But listen I ain't going back to jail and that's a fact
Not because a nigga texted you and texted him back !!

Bit-- Girl.....

Next time a nigga text you flirting,
And you on your social media scrolling through lurking,
Just thinking about how fast I be murking.
When you on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat,



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