Your Beloved Hero

It’s hard to think positively with the cards I’ve been dealt,

I’m on my own, why do I have feelings to be felt,

I just need to survive as I’m burning in this hell,

The pressure’s getting to me, I could just...melt.


And as my ashes fall to the concrete,

I remember that it’s not I who wears the tights,

it’s the costume that dawns me.

The responsibility upon me and the fury that taunts me,

screaming to take the lives of those who don’t deserve life’s essence.

To those who disrespect it, I’m digressing,

I’ll be fighting for those who need help and give my blessing.

I’ll do this until I can’t anymore, no way I’ll die stressing.

My commitment shall never lessen, and hopefully someone continues my lesson

even after all the z’s I’ll be forever catching.


My message is something I hope spreads like a pandemic,

My efforts are what drove me to become what I have in this,

so don’t dare say there was a celestial’s hand in it.

If there is any glory, I do not wish to stand in it.


I watch the horrors of the world but I can’t stand idly by,

Although I’m appalled, this is not a sight for eyes,

And now I don’t think I’m thinking right.

I’m furious at what should be fixed so simply...right?

Government powers choose not to intervene

because their hidden agenda is not somewhere in between!

I thought that this was the land of the free!
So why must people then depend on me?


I am not one with an “S” on my chest but I am the main source for hope,

I cannot keep a calm head for long, I’m about to explode.

Why is it up to me?

A human who possesses only ambition and courage,

No supernatural powers but you expect him to flourish?!

In my last breaths as I fade because you expected me to save the day,

I am revived by the power of the people and come out of my grave.

Don’t you dare talk negatively of me, don’t you dare say

that I do not deserve this, because I may be Superman to some,

But that does not mean I will not stray from the red and blue tights and cape

to cause you immense pain if you dare talk about those I love in vain.

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