Your Awesome.

The scars are all over.

I think about all of the pain.

But also about how much I've gained.

Listening to hate, People getting raped.

Aiming to succeed, Passing up my problems with a gigantic lead.


The scars are all over. 

Mosts are from "friends", Who said they had love and protection to lend.

Tempting me with desires, Leading me onto high wires.

Letting lies spread, While they watched and turned their heads.

Secrectly being a bully, As they pledge there loyalty to me fully.


The scars are all over.

Sometimes from love, As sweet as a dove.

Covered up with kisses and hugs.

Love is blind, But it burns and aches on the inside.

Given swears and promises, Until you find out they were never honest.


The scars are all over.

When I look at them the give me inspiration, To warn the near generations.

About the struggles of growing up, Enough to fill 1 billion cups.

To be strong and put up a fight, Just like we did with the human right.

Many mistakes will always be made, But in the end we will all be that hero that saved the day.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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