The Young Falcon

A young falcon looks up at the sky

Knowing that someday she will fly

She is treated miserably

By the others, even sometimes family

But she has an inner power

Though hurt at every hour.

But at rare times

For no payment, no dimes

A few people will treat her right

And get her through her burdened night

She sees the good in eveything

Lends a kind, helping wing

Someday she will brightly sing

Of those who didn't treat her like nothing

Perhaps not the prettiest

Other girls are hit-and-miss

As she flies her feathers gleam

At least that's what it seems

But if you look very hard

Her feathers are dark and she is scarred

From numerous fights,

Sleepless nights,

And just as many fleeing fights

But still she's strong

She does nothing wrong

To those who hurt her you will feel it

It's a hard hit

To those who are kind?

In you light will shine

So the young falcon flies on

Here is a new dawn

And when comes the night

Feel no fright

There are always those who treat you right.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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