You'll find your self.

Not everyone commuting suicide wants to die.
But to end the pain they hide from society's eyes.
They're tired,
and don't want to let you see them cry.
This life took too much .
they've lost all motivation to survive.
They feel stuck in the moment,
Convinced no one will miss them.
They're ready to say goodbye.
They're tired of living a lie.
They don't really have a reason why,
Other than no one belived them when they said they weren't alright.
They're sick of everyone saying the depression is only in their mind.
They blame themselves for not feeling well.
They're tired,
but they feel like a burden for asking for help.
When will society take there ego off the highest shelf,
And help the people living in a depressive hell.
I know they can see them lossing their internal battle.
No one should ever have question their self worth,
Or if they're loved.
So to all the peopel out there living through their personal hell,
I know I'm just one person but I'm willing to do everything in my power to help.
You are loved,
even when you can't love your self.
I've felt what you've felt,
I'm so sorry you have to know what I've felt.
Please don't kill your self.
Shit gets better,
no matter how alone you've felt.
Their are people who will help.
Sometimes you have to burn bridges to find yourself.
There is nothing wrong with excommunicating toxic people from your life.
Things can only get better from here on out.
If you ever feel you want to die please call suicide hot line when there's no 9ne else to help.

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