you'll be alright

Child I am here

For your friends have disapeared 

leaving you all alone with nothing else but fear 

society it's pressuring for you to be like them 

I'd give an apology but that will not do, 

I'll be your friend let me be your friend. 

Hear the words that I am telling you

I may keep you up at night, I'm only helping you'll be alright 

now please don't put, oh now please don't put up to big a fight 

And don't you tell all about me 

You can be alright 

Smile always smile, pertend your all ok just hide away all of your pain just like yesterday

So many waves of agony to your heart I'll send, here and now with my good friends 

Your depression will not end

Don't be sorry, darling don't be sorry 

Ignore them all they never speak the truth

Though those pill are made to fight the depresssing thoughts you'll have tonight 

I will forgive oh yes I will forgive if you let me live

Oh yes we can be friends, we can be friends till the very end

Oh we can be friends yes we can be friends till

Till your very end. 

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