You Yourself The only One

Tue, 07/30/2013 - 20:55 -- Mateoo


I fly in excess over the sun,

Ready for a rapture that does not come.

Although I travel in great speed,

It is I who has all the power and need,

To survive in the path of demons and evil things.

I wither away when the the land becomes scarce,

And my thoughts flow through the darkness and despair.

I feel control when the light hits my face,

And the sun is calming me with a sudden embrace,

That I don't want to recognize, but inside I know what it is.

I reveal my own demons as they burn in the sun,

And one by one I am cleansed from the evil that has been done,

For you do not see and you do not know,

All these things that cover the soul,

When you fly in excess over the sun,

You find yourself and you are yourself, the only one.

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