You should know!!



When I let this thoughts run wild.
I tow it back before it forms a pile.
Sad truth is, you just a child.
Matter fact is, we were both indenial.

Yet telling lies, was all I ever heard from you.
And now you up here, tryna claim you been spitting truth.
My nigga, who you tryna fool?
I see right thru you.

Gave you love, best I knew how.
Still, look at were we at now.
You coming at me like you playing mao.
Well games over baby you can take a bow.

I was the realest in your lies.
Still no truth as you retreat to hide.
Oh God! it must've made you feel alright.
Seeing as tho you still laying in that bed of lies.

But I won't say a word.
No your name won't be shout to the world.
Coz this ain't my fight to fight.
It ain't my wrong to right.

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