You never wanted to die; You want to live

Fri, 06/26/2015 - 20:08 -- ub3


Seasons will always change;

 tomorrow will always become yesterday,
Nothing ever remains the same,

when blessed with the grace 2 abstain from languishing away;
Of course it's all depending on how U convey!
Is the glass half empty? or half full?
what do you say?
Is this life amazing,fruitful and strange?
or empty,awful and mundane?
Are you convinced that this is the only way?
4 what we believe we receive ,seems to be the case,
born in the likeness of the creator

therefore we create our own fate...

Never say its 2 late ;
accept Living in pitiful, incomprehensible,demoralization
4 the rest of your days?
purgatory; with no one left 2 blame
4 protection having pushed them all away ,
then that's a self fulfilling shame!...
giving up ,giving up, on yourself?
abandoned your soul's-hopes and dreams
2day's the day 2 Ignore these demonic intervention?
from the mean and obscene bully devil's,
And the toxic things they say ! "your just a has been;with nothing to give and overly keen"
Focus on divine intervention 2 heal this aching spiritual pain...
Surrender 2 win! and fall on your knees and pray; pray
4 this misery 2 become yesterday,
and beg this end time 2 go away !...
R U agnostic?somewhere in between?
or on the fence in the grey?It really dosen't matter That's OK!
Please I beg you! don't take me the wrong way
or R U atheist and feel this is all just meaningless decay?

You're not a carbon copy! Your the real deal!
There's only 1 of U! no 1 can feel the way U feel...
You're not trying 2 B U, its just the way U R!
They'll never be another U ever existing individual star!
B4 it's 2 late B who U R!!...

Just then! ,back their!, that moment has past,

but the truth within U remains forever,

absolutely Vast and yet transient?

chose the present; be a gift,
The sense I give U;

U receive viscerally,

and has inspired me 2 give U permission

2 apply these positive vibrations..specifically.
Anyway back 2 the heat of the moment?
forward 2 the eternal now?

the never ending present is a gift..
What you give you get ,If U really want it!..

Firstly I believe your transformation will never B complete,
and if...correction; WHEN;,availed the opportunity,
by your higher self ,U will always B evolving
2 a higher state....
However I insist!

U didn't miss the ship never left the port!
4 U begin 2 envisage having a deep sense of arrival .
4 nothing has been in vain evolving U past survival.

Just mentally imagine finally being safe..
A profound peace beyond your wildest dreams will finally awake ,
A wisdom and dignity crafted from your destined experience on a plate...
and the kindred spirits of others supporting your life force; your calling ;your birthright...wait! B4 it's 2 late; and it becomes you're worst ever mistake ;ask 4 God's ever-loving mercy 2 carry the heavy weight... A mysterious excitement will now extract and manifest a serendipitous existence full of wonder, hope, and grace, an existence of substance,joy,and spirit...a heart devoid of hate!...

Granted your transformation will involve dolorosa ,
and a deep pain of healing ,physical, emotional,
mental and spiritual wounds that only take,
but don't be confused! this is not the pain of doom...
It is your sourjuon 2 your road 2 happy destiny ,
4 as deep and broad has been your suffering...
so shall be your comfort.
4 Out of the darkness of your life
will come an absolute,definite, optimistic Light...
Boom! time to start living!..
Why not actively participate in fulfilling your life missions? ,
and that of your fellows ,fellows?...through your inevitable transformation ,U R becoming the person U were always supposed 2 will become if U agree!4 if U believe U will receive...




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