You look and you see

You look and you see disgust

in what others see beauty

you cry because you can't understand

what others see clearly

You always ask yourself, am I wrong?

Or has everyone just been against me all along?

You feel scared and you feel alone,

you think you're a problem and nobody cares

but I assure you that there were others there

I hated myself and judged everyone else

I even threatened, to kill myself.

Because once upon a time

down a very long road

there was a girl

and she only knew the word no.

     Changing yourself is no easy task

and there will always be someone

who will be there to bash, 

everything you're doing, and everything you've done

but what you do is what you become,

for I believe in strength,

and I believe in you, 

and I believe in the things you set out to do

for you can be positive

and you can get better

but you have to want it

more than ever.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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