You walked away as I was by myself left alone again a cycle I have within myself.

It's hard for me to unlock the gates because I misplaced the key making it seem as if I want to be left alone

only sitting here thinking of all the things that met me half way I run to caught you as everyone seems to walk away

didn't take long to follow the footsteps of you

to walk back in reality as I use to say

I become bold and brave in the words I have the time to say lost in another ordinary day

You fail to listen and I fail to repeat as I watched you walk away as I stood with both feet 

on the ground forcing them to move but my emotions came in Daring them to try and move again

 It's funny how quick you are to repeat the words I'm here

but every moment you lose me you begin to kick dust on the dead road you begin to walk on

as I cough though the dust that's something that use to be us

I guess you though it was a game playing hide and go seek as you made me count the number trying to reach something that was out of sight

chasing after something that was only a shadow of me

once again all was left was me making it hard for me to trust people to  set me free

because all I had was me

 trying to grab on to something that wasn't there as I open my eyes and see that all was there disappear

But I forgot the words that appeared I'm sorry

You left me and somehow I will never forget all the time you didn't quite hold a tight grip on me

but let me fall in something that was misery

you can say I'm delusional or even a fool to think that those feet wouldn't walk away again

never taking the time on what that left behind a since of mind if only they turned back in saw

as they continued to walk to far away

I refused to try to recover myself from the pain I once felt as I was alone

to much time with my though fighting it's self on which one would become stronger then the other

to make me because weak

but what's it even matter because you left me

and tried to turn back and see

that I begin to walk away mading you experience

everything you did to me 


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