You have lost your child


You told me I was your mistake

The kid you wish you didnt make

I am not the love child

I am the one who is to wild

But you walked out on me

I was left alone trying to find how that can be

You didnt think twice about walking out the door

The day you left state I fell to my knees on the floor

I blamed myself for making you leave

You went Vegas to get a repreive

Told me you would call

Now I sit and stare at a wall

It is fullof our memories in frames

With your own kid you play games

You never picked up your phone

Now im numb and alone 

I learned how to block emotions out

And not to worry about other peoples doubt

I cant find it in within myself to trust anyone 

I rarely have any fun

Im sorry Im not enough

Staying with your kids must be tough

So now you have two kids not three

May not having me fill your heart with glee.


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