"You Had A Great Child"



“you had a Great child” 

Could’ve looked at her to take a slight pause 
To realize how strong she was 
To realize how strong 
To see her pains on paper when she draws 
To see her affliction on her, what a great triumph 
She was your peace 
She made you still 
She was your pure conscious that you hushed 
She was your way out of a trial you could’ve won 
She was made exactly for your situation but you would never know 
Because you made her the problem 
You didn’t see her glow 
You casted her away 
You took away your pride 
She was supposed to be your joy 
But now your love you have to hide 
You see she’s not a troubled child 
She knows her purpose and she is confused 
Cause she was made to love on you 
But you left her in the corner betrayed and bruised 
She has confidence in you, though her battle she will never win 
Until you choose to let her in 
Until you choose God who is within 
Because she is God given 
Once you recognize this let her be 
The person she was called to be 
Your better side was within me 

p.s-"you still have a great child" 



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