Before You Go, Let's Fly Once More


Just what can I say to make you stay

What can I do to stop you from entering the depths of the ocean 

What I can I give to have you near me till they put me under

What curse must I mutter, what ingredients do I need for this potion


That, I am not too sure

But what I do know is that we can fly--together

And that I wouldn't have it any other way

Just you and me, and it doesn't matter if it might not be forever 



Let's see the clouds again, one more time

Let's feel them on our skin, on our scales

Let's feel the waterfall as we pass under

Let's, once again, be free to create and tell our tale


For we are the fire that was set ablaze on this cliff

We were the stars and the moon when times were dark

We were just you and me

We were just forbidden friends from the start


So let's have smoke from my sword

and fire from your mouth

And let's tell the world what we're fighting for

Tell them what peace is all about


After it's all said and done

With spears and axes hung up for years

With claws and teeth left inside

Let there be nothing left of saddness, nothing left of fear


So with that I'll finally rest my head on the grass, looking up to clouds

And I'll think of us, just being the best of beings as one could ever be

I hope you'll finde solace in knowing that it was all thanks to you

But let's not think about that now, let's not see what we want to see


Let's just drift through the clouds and have your wings take us anywhwere





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