You Don't Know Me

Sat, 09/23/2017 - 20:03 -- mawee12

Society is messed up. Apparently a girl can't do or wear anything without getting called out.

Listen to this:

A girl never wears make up and her acne is never covered. So she starts to have people saying,

"Ew she's so ugly" "Ugh i almost threw up just looking at her picture" "There's this thing called

make-up, use it!"

She got tired of hearing all that so she tries make up. She now looks gorgeous. People

automatically changed their mind about her. "She's so gorgeous." "Be mine"

"It's not fair how beautiful she is" "How is she single"

That goes on for about a week or two then things went downhill again.

"Fake" "Too much make up" "stop asking for attention" "She's so desperate"

She then feels so confused. What did society want from her? Why was she never good enough?

She took off the make up once again and never put it back on.

"Ugh you look better with make up" "I forgot how nasty she looks" etc.

She wanted to kill herself but then something changed. Different comments started coming. "Be yourself honey. You're gorgeous."

"Don't listen to them. They are jealous of you" "You don't need make up to be beautiful."

This made her happy.

Be the people who bring their confidence up, not tear it down.

Be the person to make sure people know that they are beautiful inside and out.

Don't lead sometime into suicide because of how they look.

Don't push someone away because they're different.

We live in America. People are different, but we are all family. and family supports one another.






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