You Don't Know

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 20:59 -- mariaxx

Holding a secret that no one can know

They just sit there and let their thoughts flow,

Not a big impact in life

They hold back from grabbing the knife,

While the children suffer

Pain is their way of life for now and forever,

We can’t see the hurt from their point of view

The amount of kids that will tell is very few,

Scared, hurt, and alone

Some thin as a bone,

Fake smiles, bruises here and there

They are living a nightmare,

Afraid of they will be

Wanting escape and be free,

Seeing, but not asking

We don’t know that their hanging on to life by a string,

A mask to cover the tears

No one can hear,

Screams and shouts

People walk by, but have their doubts,

The marks hide as the children smiled

This is the overview of an abused child.


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