You Deserve

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 11:11 -- T_C

I wish I could have saved you
From falling for a broke thing like me
Because I can see it in everythng you say and do
That the shards left of your heart aren't free

And this isn't what I wanted
I swear I tried to find some glue to keep you together
But in the end my hands were red
Because I couldn't keep your heart safe from my cancer

But I tried, I tried, I tried
I held the cracks as they formed
And I found someone else as I cried
But I could still see it as your heart stormed

I did everything I knew to save you
I thought for sure that if I was good enough
That we could be friends without your eyes swimming in blue
But I see now that your heart's too rough

From my handling, and I apologize
I suppose it's too late
To stop the feelings that arise
And I wonder if you remember when you called it fate

Even if you don't, it's seared into my memory
Because if there was anyone I wanted it work with it was you
And that's a secret that I can't just carry
I'll need your shoulders, too

So I promise that this isn't what I meant
I didn't think your heart would break
Because I didn't know it was mine for good, just leant
So I tried to fix it, but nothing would take

It took me too long to figure out
That I was holding you together with my bare hands
And filling your heart with hope and doubt
I was taking the spot where a lover stands

I swear I wasn't toying with your heart
I was just blind and couldn't see
The way I somehow managed to play the part
But your lover is the one thing I can never be

I'm sorry, but I'm no angel or dove
For you to hold by passion's decree
Regardless of the fire in my soul, my love
You deserve so much better than me


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