You Breathed First

"You Breathed First"

Written by

Mikayla Stiff


The air I breathe you breathed first.

Trees soak it in as it escapes me. 

Their oxygen nursed my fiery lungs,

When my body foresaked me. 


The leaves speak in their fleeting life:

If you breathe, you breathe in me. 

When I feel, I am feeling you. 

When I fall, I return to you. 


Cinderblock obstructions crowd in.

My body shackled within,

Scatters below in indisposition.

My potential stolen.


Don't you care?

That I sustain your life,

Guide you through seasons,

And you destroy me for what reason?


The air I breathe you breathed first.

You soak it in as it escapes me.

Through my veins, your privaleged exhaust runs,

When you step out to hurt me. 






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Our world
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