You Are Enough


United States
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I've noticed something
in the past year.
There is sadness
in everyone's eyes.
Some more than others,
but it's there.
And when you speak of destruction,
I am terrified.
For I am Inadequate
at mending all these
broken bones,
I am unable to fix
every broken soul
I meet eyes with,
though compassion consumes me,
It is not enough.
And this terrifies me
down to the core.
Everyone is filled
up to their necks
with rivers
flowing of destruction.
But their insides
are the walls
that these waves crash upon,
and we're only human,
we wear and tear
until we can't stand to bear
it anymore.
And my dream
is that we stop
this disease,
but is it possible?
I am inadequate,
am I not?
How, then,
will the broken
find light
if I am unable to reveal the sun?
I promise to do what I can,
I take you warmly
by the hand
with an authentic smile
blooming from the roots
in my chest.
But I can only
do so much.
The shadows that
weigh down your shoulders
heavy as mountains,
they won't disappear on their own.
But I believe in you
you will survive.
You are worth it.
You are enough.

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I loved this it's very good. keep writing

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