You are Bound


It’s so frustrating

You’re suffocating on Societies poison of thoughts and decisions

You want to be prestigious so you study its artificiality like it’s a religion

I still wonder why nobody listens

Maybe it’s because you wear that fake smile well

That forced, perfect and pale curve that’s splattered across your face can fool anyone

They don’t realize that your hands shake and your voice quivers

For every stupid comment that the bully makes as he pushes you across the hall and you feel so small

The stress to be just as good as the rest

And when you go home, you have no time to be a kid but an adult

You have been bent for so long you’re bound to break


You have walked straight into society’s education system where they teach you what to say, what to wear, how to look and feed you lies on what’s pretty and perfect

So you throw up the little bit that you ate because the curves that you wear just doesn’t meet societies level of pretty

You paint your face leaving no trace of your sorrow and tired eyes

You play the role they tell you too

Don’t play with fire, you’re bound to get burned


It’s absurd

That nobody has seen your uncured scars that shout for help

You’re worn out

I can see it every time you lay your head on the desk

Just waiting for your Superhero to take you away in his arms as you fly away to paradise

And you think it’s with that guy who looks just like the one: Tall, Dark and Handsome

He tells you that you’re special calls you beautiful and treats you gentle

But I know you see him flirting and looking at other girls, just be careful

Don’t play with fire you’re bound to get burned


I can see you falling apart

You tell yourself lies that expose your cries that are in need of saving

But you say that you’re fine

But please do me a favor and realize that you are not fine

Don’t you see?

You are bound t the evil sound that the Devil makes because it soothes your demons to sleep

You are bound to the cries you let out at night because sometimes it gets so hard to fight for your life

You are bound to the blades sharp silver lining that caresses your skin because it makes you feel alive

You are bound to the high every time you take a hit because it erases the pain


You say that you’re okay

But I can see

Your hands shake and hear your voice quiver

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