You and Your Love

It's like drinking a tall glass of ice water after walking through the Sahara 

It's a long hot shower after working all day 

It's facing your fears and coming up victorious 

It's being broken but still refusing to give up 

It's looking up and seeing more than just clouds, or stars but soemthing bigger

It's you and your love that is refreshing,relaxing,difficult,painful

Yet still mesmerising 

It's going out and doing everything that everybody said was impossible 

It's feeling like you can do anything 

It's being knocked down over and over 

But getting right back up to stand tall 

It's waking up and breathing taking in the nature 

It's having your first adreline rush 

It's you and your love that is lifechanging,extraordinary

Strong, beautiful, and exciting 

It's waking up to no troubles 

It's you and your love that has become my utopia 

You and your love that I look forward to waking up to 

You and your love that I live to see,fee,breathe,experience, to know

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