You and Me

Tue, 01/27/2015 - 18:10 -- MollyG

It's okay if you don't want to talk to me for every second of every day. I know you need your space. I'll just miss you that much more for each minute you are silent.


I don't blame you for never coming to see me. I understand, I really do. I live far far away in a different world with gas prices and emptiness as barriers. But truth be told, I would pay away the gas bills and fill the empty landscape if it meant I could have you nearby.


What I don't understand is everything else, you and your questions and all of your self. I can't seem to find what you found in me or, when I look around, see what you see. I can't seem to process the thoughts behind your familiar face. When I am with you, my grasp of reality is gone with no trace. I try to know just what to say, but I know I'll mess up. I'm not perfect in the slightest way.


All I want in the universe is you here with me, to show me your world, to help me see what you've seen. To teach me how to be what you need, to be kinda different, but still totally me. I only want to know what goes on relating to me... If you could take my hands and lead me through the maze, I think I'd still be lost in your wonderful gaze, but at least not alone.


If you could teach me your story, that is all that I'd read, because I want to be in it, all of the time.


Now, I know that can't happen, and I'm crazy, and weird, but something has happened in which I've been steered far from reason and closer to you. And I'm standing and staring into the rain because when I'm not with you, nothing dulls the pain. Its you I can't handle, and yet it's not you to blame. This fire inside is driving me insane.


I've lost myself living for you, help me to find what I should do. Teach me who you want me to be, 'cause that's who I am, I'm your girl, you see.


If you can hear me, fix me, please! I need myself back because I'm drowning in you. And although I love it, I can't see where I am and I'm running in circles with no Superman. One day I hope we'll get this all figured out but right now I'm dying in a tropical drought. I'm sick with confusion, I'm out of my mind and I know somewhere out there is a mountain to climb.


If I could get better without asking you and still be something worth it you know that I would, but somehow I'm stuck and I can't find myself inside this dense wood.


To put it all simply, I don't know what to do with me, because all that matters to me is definitely you.

I cannot find myself without you, because you're part of me, now. Am I part of you too?


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