You and I

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 18:46 -- Jae.R



You and your eyes that capture me 

A memory

A picture  

that only you can make so beautiful 

Beautiful in the way i see the leaves on trees

at the beginning of spring

the smell of warmth in the air I breathe

and I wonder 


Why do you have to make me smile

  why can't i contInue to just live my life in denial 

hidden from the light that calls upon the truth

that lies within me but, 


your eyes fall upon me and everything seems to be alright 

I'm alight just as the North Star

shining so bright,

 made for you to escape your evils in the middle of the night


with your sense of humor

humor that only I get

falling deaf upon the ears of others who sit

See it's kinda funny 

I didnt know if liked you at first 

with your skinny frame,

Dark skin,

and shy voice

I didnt know at the time 

that someone like 


so unique

so intune

so confident

with what's within  


who wraps their eyes around me

In an embrace that makes me loose balance 

between fiction and reality

It's as if we're touching

It's not fair

I cant find any air 

like a robber in the night

has gone and taken all my

prize possessions in sight

and I'm the victim who's 

scared for their life 

hold a gun up to my head and tell me goodnight

and You

with that voice 

I'm afraid I've seen the light 

calling me to heaven or paradise 

I'll follow your voice 

and when I reach the end 

Your arm extends

I reach out 

 our fingers touch 

sparks fly

and You and I

are on the other side

guiding others

through the dark

into the light 



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