Dear Insecurities,

You swallow me whole as if I were a piece of meat and you were a lion.

You drag me deep into the abyss of my hurt, knowing I won't be able to leave.

You paralyze me emotionally, so my thoughts won't lead me to the good things of myself

You allow me to beat myself up about things I can't stand, but yet won't change.

You make me look at myself in ways that I shouldn't, but yet I do.

You are the reason, my self-essteem is lower than ever before.

You are the reason, I go into a deep depression.

You are the reason, I choose not to explore.

You are the reason, I stay in a wish on a star for something better.

You make me feel so awful about myself,

but yet, you make me love aspect about myself.

I don't hate you, but I don't love you.

So insecurities, you are here to stay.

So Amber (the writer), face reality and stay that way.


Amber Brooks

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