Do you remember me?

I am the girl you considered a friend, a short few years ago. 
The girl who ate lunch with you.
The girl who skipped her classes to comfort you.
The girl who stayed up all night listening to you through your tears.
The girl you confided in your darkest secrets, and to this day has kept them.


I am the friend you abandoned, a short few years ago.

The friend who couldn't afford to take you on shopping sprees.
The friend who refused to do drugs with you.
The friend who stayed by your side after your many arrests.
The friend who tried to keep the friendship alive, because even after you left me, 
I firmly believed there could be hope for us.

I am the person you cut off completely.

The person who was a nobody amongst the sea of followers you accumulated.
The person who continued to believe in you, despite your habits and history.
The person who's existence you refused to acknowledge when they reached out.
The person who, at first, you gave a mere wave to at a party.

It had been two years since we last spoken to one another.

Two years since we had last seen each other.
Two years since we had last called each other a friend.

Do you remember that party?

I was that girl in the black dress.
That girl who screamed your name, feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness to 
have seen your recognizeable face in this crowd of strangers.
That girl who had had too much to drink that night on an empty stomach.
That girl who you knew was too intoxicated. 

And yet you kept making her drink out of your cup.

Do you remember how you were kissing me?
How you tried to slip your hand up that black dress?

Do you remember how I kept pushing you away?
How many times I had told you "No" and "Stop"?

Do you remember hitching a ride home with the person I came with?
How instead of giving directions in the passenger seat, you laid on top of me in the back.

Do you remember dragging me out of the car and into your apartment?
Telling your roomates to go into their rooms,
Letting me fall asleep on the couch,
And holding me down while I tried to push you away?

Do you remember how many times I had begged you to stop?

The answer is 17.

Do you remember me now, Jacob?

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This was really inspiring....I could relate in so many ways... this hit me hard...thanks

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