I actually remember the first time that I ever saw you
I could not keep my eyes off you
It was from my friend's friend party
And oh my did I think you were a major hottie
Eyes so stunning
Lips very pleasing
Eye candy, my eyes ate you up like it was starving
Everything about you, perfect

One problem rose though
As I looked to who sat next to you
Was someone I despised cuz they were with you
I wish I was him
I wish I was that guy
So jealous I asked my homies dang why
Feeling all these emotions in me and I didnt even know you
All from glance I just knew I had to have you
Party ended and we never even spoke
Just eyes would meet and as it ended we split
Left me thinking I would not seeya again...

But then I was wrong, every now and then I'd see you
Rarely, but I'd see you
Randomly I turned hopeful

Me and my homies hanging out one time for fun
You and your homies hanging out one time for fun
We all bump into eachother and I’m so gone
And once i saw you I had to come at you
But crazy me I stumble
Yeah I made me look like the creep
So I felt real weak as we left the club and had another split
Thinkin man I lost her again :(

But then most random events happen
Roomie is my cousins, roomies, lil sis
And introduced to eachother at a function and she is reminded that I was that creep that exist
I felt so embarassed it was a crazy mess
Drunk as I was but all I wanted was some fun.
However in the the end all was just some funny memory
That we look back at an laugh at

So later I get to really know my crush
Pretty chill and I felt lifted within
Happy thoughts, humming birds singin

We chill, we kick it, we have fun
Im enjoying it
But one day closes and im sressed for a minuscule complication

I joke sometimes and i would never intend a mean thing or anything in the like
Horribly sad that one thing can make one so mad

Dang it, should have seen the look in her eyes
Teary like, and red mad my insides wanted scream and burst wide open
Said she just couldnt stand me at the moment
When i was just playing she mistook it and had me like all trippin
All i could do at the moment was look confused
Miscommunication happened now im just like dude
Friend said it'll pass but im just like dang feeling like an a#$
It's crazy how one can sometimes make you feel

Stay up, stay true, stay real


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