Its you again.

What's that?

You want to be more than friends?

You said that last time and I let you in.

Then you pushed me down and I got hurt again.

What's that? 

You say that you've changed?

Don't make me laugh, it is still the same old game.

You put on a mask to hide your true face then you rip it off once it is too late.

I am tired of pain, I am tired of crying.

I am tired of being the only one who is trying.

To you it seems that I am just a toy, something for you to abuse and destroy.

What's that?

You say that you love me?

You know, lying is a sin, so don't waste your breath.

Lucifer loved God, but then he stabbed him in the back.

What's that?

Let you back in or else?

I am not afraid of you, or the threats that you yell.

What we had was not love, what we had was not okay.

True love is patience, and kindness, and warm summer days.

It is sharing without expecting anything in return.

It is being there for your companion when everything is going wrong.

It is most certainly not showing back up at my doorstep with the same old song.

I am done with you and I am done with your games.

Go burn in hell, this is the end of your reign.


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