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You are the individual in your life you remember best yet seem to forget about so often.

You take your time to walk upon the nails within the obstacles of another's path so much its a path you become lost in.

  You know what you desire most in the path you have chosen for your self and yet you ignore it for the caring of another.

You are a kind individual who cannot control your selflessness and repetitive nature to care for them as if your their father or mother.

Dont let them use your talents, it is okay to guide but it is not okay to spoil.

When you let them use you, the path yout put aside will coil.

We, the ones just like you, have noticed all of your meticulous push for success for these paths you do not own.

We, the ones who also have a path, want you to help yourself before your paths crumbles and an unfamiliar zone.

We do not wish for you to forget who you are and what you you love.

We wish for you to explore all of your opputunity available to you and not to push your own dreams to the side with a shove.


You are important, you are meant to be loved, are are meant to explore yourself and the world around you.

You all are the dreamers who have yet to see your own potential, please go out there and make your dreams reality before your missed oppurtunities accrue.


No one should make your future their future, only you should.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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