Blazing in your sunrise as the moon depicts you as full as you are.

My utmost yearning is to stay basking in your rays letting your aura bathe me.

As you allow my aura bathe you, my blanket of tranquility is restored.

Force -fed by your kindred being I become alive.

Alive in spirit.

Alive in truth.

I am resurrected in love with you.

My soul glows with you indeed tranquility restored.

I find rest in you.

There is peace in your bossom, love.

As your smile dazzles the sun reaching every corner of my soul.

The vision of you silhouette cascading my present.

Cause presentlly I stay lost in you.

I remember dreams of you when I dream of you.

Merged in a moment that gives me at last.

You are my sun setting as I lie down in your meadow.

Your morning dew on my skin.

How beautiful you are.

How refreshing this is to be wrapped in your sunsets.

You make me glow.

Bathe me inyour moonlight, let me love you in this moonlight.

Dont you dare move.

Lets stay here awhile and create.


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