You by Lucero


What if tomorrow was your last day?

Would live that day as someone else

and lead your real self into decay?

Please forget my promptness, I just want you to you,

but wherever you go, I wish you happiness too.

Don’t delete my advice, just don’t;

I’ll never forget the day that you were nothing but you

I’ll never forget you.


I remember the days

that all we did was judge other people's mistakes.

Only now, is my lonely day where I can say

that you were absorbing those sad mistakes.


Stop making everybody happy

because you’re forgetting that your life is becoming crappy

and that you’re clearly unhappy.

Only a century

and you're living like if you were in a penitentiary.


Stop making everybody content

because one day everything will just ascent

into a catastrophe that you will not be able to take.

This barbarously jocular planet

will only have our presence once in a lifetime.

Make the best out of it: be thee.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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