For You


Wearied and dismayed

I found myself staring at a street lined with cherry blossoms

When did the winter end?

I thought it still spring

Pressing for the best, my self-identity bled into the rest

Who am I to anyone?

If I’m nothing to no one, do I still exist?

Everybody has ambitions, everybody has dreams

When do they forget to resist oppression?

When does the beauty of their imaginations fade into a muffled hum

Like a doorbell you thought rang

A guest you forgot came


Lying to rest with their deadened hopes

This is an atrocity in which no one should cope

Every breath is an opportunity

To move

To sing

To be crazy

After all, life is far too short to not be

When do the mountains and trees

The flowing streams and finite dreams

Become a separate reality?

When is it that we become so preoccupied with things that seem so desperately important

That we fail to see the triviality?


In a world where the innocent die,

the trustworthy lie,

justice is awry,

and everything beautiful is likened to compromise

Why not look?

Why not be?

Your life is one in its singularity

Let me write

Let me speak

Let me attempt to rise you from the fog

To show you the sun through the bleak

I write to the lost, the downtrodden, the misguided,

the broken, the trying

If it is your dream that you desire

I beseech you:

Then seek.


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