With You

I had met that sweet soul that stole my heart,
Those bright eyes that had set me blush,
That beautiful smile which had shined besides mine,
The amazing mind that wasn´t being understood,
And unique attitude that complemented my laugh,
A wonderful person who had gained a lovely company,
But, I let him go. 

I had thought he deserved more than my heart,
More than my laugh,
More than my shiny smile,
More than my unsteady personality,
And more than whatever I could have given him,
Ah, I had realized, I wasn´t as fortunate as I was,
But, he had came back.

I had thanked God that we were together again, 
That our eyes were setting ourselves blush once again,
That our smiles were able to shine along our returning,
The way our minds embraced each other´s for reassurance,
And the fact that we finally were ourselves without hesitating,
Ah, we had finally noticed we were right each other´s life company,
But, we knew we didn´t want to rush, and we still stayed. 

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