I want to go back yesterday

The joy, happiness and youth

The smiles and laughs, no lies or wrath

Where love was warmth and truth 


Where girls weren't thots

And boys weren't players

Where we could all get along

When loyalty wasn't just a word

Or just a part in a rap or song


When teachers taught for the love of it

and not to pay their debts

When brothers were bonded by blood

and not bloodied each other to death.


When catfights were between real animals

and not the human form

When bestfriends and family had your back

and didn't wish you harm


When politicians and government 

weren't seen as money hungry thieves

and jobs were fair and easy to get

and money almost grew on trees


When loud bangs were terrifying

because you thought a door was slammed 

Unlike today where usually it means in someone,

a bullet was jammed


So i want to go back to yesterday

This life has expired my lease

Where I can be calm and feel secure

And finally live in Peace.   




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