Yester Year



Forgetting the world around me,in favor of the yester year,

I fight the forgetfulness,the paralyzing fear


Pitying eye and cruel words, they look at me and see,

a feeble body, a broken mind, a phantom of who I used to be


My mind withdraws from today leaving me behind,

I’m scrambling in the darkness, feeling lost, trapped and blind.


Whose face is in the mirror, I’ve never seen it there before,

these eyes seem so familiar, I can feel it in my core,

but the memory is fleeting, locked behind an iron door.


Time is so unnerving, people change and grow every day,

Yet there are people in this world, who are dragged the other way.




My mom is a CNA and she has old me many stoies of people wh begian to regress. My Grandfather also as alzheimer's so I have seen this illness first hand.

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