Yes I live in the past

15 June 9:54 AM

I do not like the present so I live in the past
A culture that had its troubles but did its best to over come until the last

A time when people knew a child from an adult and a man from a woman
And when animals were not worth more than humans

When right was right and wrong was wrong
When real truth and feelings could be felt in songs

When people went to visit in person and not on the phone
When mom and dad were taken in and not rejected for monies throne

When God was known and sought after
And folks would empty of tears and then be filled with laughter

You can keep your modern fake news
And stuff your leftist politics into the bottom of your shoes

Then pretend that you are tall and that you know it all
But you will really know the truth when the whole world hears Christ's call

So fault me if you want to for living in the past
But modern times for me smell worse than sewer gas

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