Yes, I am Okay

I took a chance,

and look what it got me.

Reality fades,

a voice whispers "are you Okay?"

as the lights dim,

and the picture of today disappears.


Cackles, sneers, and fingers,

put me in center stage.

"Raise the curtain! The fat girl is here to play!"

Tears stream down my face,

as these friends berate.

I swing high to escape,

the tears and the terrors.

Escape can only last,

so long as there are swings...


Shaking the picture into focus,

"Hello, Reality."

I came back from my disappearance,

I will take a stand.

This is my chance to stand tall,

these stares are welcome,

and so is that smirk.

I refuse to withdrawl once more,

strength is on my side now.


"Yes, I am Okay."



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