Since the years have passed


Since the years have passed

and the past has blurred

she burns less, while the blunt

realization that people don't

always change edges ever closer

and with moments draws

nearer.  She refuses to

aknowledge what wisdom is

offered her and instead clings

unfailingly to the idea that it could be

changed and this phantom

pain could fade with more time

if she gives herself time

the change will happen and

she refuses the knowledge 

that shoudl have been learned 

in lessons gone past

because she is wise and knows to

never live in the past.  So epiphanies

wave as they pass her by and

she stoically claims the change is real

and that she will feel the closure

she needs so desperately to feel

when time has been spent on 

forgetting and forgiving

the dents that were made long ago

by people who won't change.


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