A Year of Realization

And it all began with the realization,

that I'm not a kid anymore.

Ive spent much time in contemplation,

looking to become something more.

The year began itself unlike any other.

It began with myself and young girl, 

caught in a desperate love for one another.

She was the sun, the moon, and the stars, 

she was flowers, and fields,

and restless nights dreaming of adventures afar. 

I was emotions, wishes, and poetic romance,

but I became logic, science, and nothing but facts.

She remained who she was, but I've lost my way.

This past year has had a sour taste.

I write this poem in hopes of reaching out, 

to the young love I lost, the young man I remember now.

I've come to the realization, that all my contemplation,

led me away from that young girl I knew I loved.

I know I've changed, and so have you, 

but for the sake of poetic romance. Haylee,

I'm still desperately in love with you.

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Jan Wienen

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Cole Dutton

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