A year is a lifetime

Thu, 01/05/2017 - 19:13 -- ash2017

A year is a lifetime
A lifetime of moments
Of minutes

Of memories.
The beginning just like a book
Is never like the end
And even though you try

You may never comprehend
The change you’ve undergone
When the year is up and done

All you can do is hope for the best.

My year was a journey
From the first to the last

My year was a lifetime
That now is in the past
I started out small

And scared

I started out alone

I didn’t care
When my year began
I saw nothing to hope for
But at is continued
That attitude was done for


The middle was different

A season of change

New friends and new people

A total new range

Of emotions within me

Ones that weren’t sad

Ones that weren’t bitter

Or angry

But glad.
I know that sounds seussian
But please do believe
My year has changed me
I promise you’ll see


I got sick
Not just sick I got tired

I got sick and tired

But that didnt stop me

No it started me

Got me going

Made me wonder

Made me think

Maybe I was holding onto a future

That wasn’t meant for me

Now many will say that getting sick isnt good

But getting sick was what got me out of the woods


The woods were a dark place

Full of demons and men

Of tauntings and bullies

Of failures and sins

But my sickness awoke me

And made me realize

There’s no point to be bitter

Use my life to be wise


Each day is a war

Each breath a battle

You’d think I’d give up

But I get on that saddle

Everyday I awaken
A new skip in my step

And I wonder whose life
I can ease an upset


I live my life now
Day in and day out

To bring others joy

To turn that frown upside down

I ended my year with love at my side
Friends in my corner

And tears in my eyes


No the tears werent of sadness

They werent even of pain

The tears were of joy

That I finally lived again

So long I’d been stuck

In a ditch

Going nowhere

Now finally finally

I feel like Im getting somewhere

And that my dear friends

Is what this year was about

Fighting the darkness

And staging a breakout


The sun rises on a new year

A new lifetime for me

And all I can wonder

Is next year
Who will I be?

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