This Year, I Learned

We have nothing to say
But we can sure sound cute
My generation has got a brand new pair of boots
And we're not taking em off

My vote says we pile on in
You ask, if we aren't crashing the car, where do we begin?
I ask you, why do we have to begin fresh from zero and nothing, all over again?

Let's just focus on working out the kinks
I know you're hungry for a reason, I know you're itching and bitching for a fight
Ready to have your name printed many times in big heavy books
Sometimes it's good and right to rebel
But in our time, we rebel against what's good and right

I've got a head full of nothing
with revolution on my lips
Revolve it all you want, and when you're done, come on let's stick with this
This that we've seen, we've seen it can roll
Now let's see how fast we can get it to go
It's not fully baked in our image, it has a learning curve and we'll never be finished
But don't mope on home
Or start blowing shit up
Sit with me and learn the controls

If you had asked me yesterday
I'd have told you I've got a soul
If I was wrong I don't quite know
But to be sure ain't why I'm stumbling on

So, when you realize that there's nothing left on your plate
Jack, you're a good half hour late
Don't pretend like nobody told you
Bawl all you want, but the notice was taped to the bottom of your house
Speaking of, mortgage is due

Concede that life is forever elsewhere if it suits you
That nude suit may fit you fine
But I'll meet the day wearing something

Plant a talent, grow a talent, enjoy a talent and more
Bury a talent, eat nothing, and your investor patron will come home to find himself ticked

It was the least you could do to keep your hot potato warm
But the least you can do leads to less than a living wage, and safe doesn't build the truth or her brother Rome
Truth is at least a tenth of your duty
But truth is a measure of quality, not substance, so don't be caught holding nothing at all

I've heard meeting her is a real kick
Truth, Mrs. Truth
Maybe I took the wrong trail at a split somewhere back there
But going is better than not going in any case, and maybe we'll at least see something alright
Maybe we'll see something alright

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My community
Our world


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